Brazilian Serie B : 11th July 2012

After a decent win last night, and absent on the 10th, we are back for a 11th July kick off in Brazil Serie B

Criciuma AH:-1 to beat Boa @ 2.0 (Betfair)- 3 points

2 thoughts on “Brazilian Serie B : 11th July 2012

  1. I love this blog. A Fantasists Dream. Nobody is getting hurt so please keep it up. Highlights are finding out what Rahul’s pin picks to bet on and also the dodgy arithmetic when it comes to working out the running points score.

    1. Hey Mate, thanks for the feedback. I am working on a summary page pick by pick, hopefully by the weekend to help on understanding the totals. My pin picks will come start of the main european leagues, with some in depth analysis.

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